16 Dec 04 - I finally revisited the site, updating some of the information and adding some retirement pictures and the 2004 Christmas Letter.  Getting ready to take a trip to McGuire, NJ, and points beyond, over the Christmas holiday, I've installed FrontPage on my laptop and was thus inspired to do some maintenance to the website.


15 May 04 - I went to the Alaska Aviation Trade show today with the kids.  One of the vendors there just happened to be a nice man selling high-end airplane models.  I couldn't help myself, I had to have one!


14 May 04 - It's official!  Also, I had my last flight in the Air Force yesterday.  It was a pleasant sojourn around and about Alaska with stops at Fort Yukon and Indian Mountain LRRS.  I've added a few pictures to commemorate the occasion.


4 May 04 - I'm back from picking up the Herk from New Iberia, LA.  Weather held us up a few days as we tried to avoid turbulence with the aircraft's sickly wings, but the plane flew like a champ when given the chance.  That said, tail number 64-0533 has made it's last flight and after they salvage whatever parts off of it they deem worthy, it will be put on display at the Elmendorf air park.  About time they get a real airplane.  Here are a few pix of the aircraft and crew.


25 Apr 04 - I'm back from the Far East, and getting ready to head to the Deep South.  Time to get rid of the Easter stuff, post pix from Malaysia, and update the "Where in the World is Wiley?" bit on the front page.


4 Apr 04 - The boy's Birthday Pictures and more buffoonery in Java script  There are seven pictures and a Java Applet, so it might take a little while to load.  Be patient.  You know, building a web site can really eat up some time if you give it a chance!

3 Apr 04 - Many minor changes, plus I tried a little "Applet"  and "Pop-up" play.  Also, I've revamped the menu buttons quite a bit.  Finally, I added "Connect Four" to the Kid's page, a task which took me quite a while to get working to my satisfaction.  It kept going into limbo at the end of each game.  It's been a long time since I've had to work with computer code of any sort.  Not knowing Java made this a bit more of a challenge!

2 Apr 04 - Christmas Letters are now password protected

28 Mar 04 - Major renovations to the site on virtually all pages, including the addition of old Christmas letters and some pictures from my flying.  Refresh your pages and enjoy.